Altronix Linq Technology Integrates w/ Lenel OnGuard

Please see the link below to a press release in SDM regarding Linq integration w/ Lenel OnGuard. This level of integration brings a multitude of opportunities to Lenel VAR's as Altronix Linq Technology is spread across our solutions and offers the Integrator the ability to monitor, control and report power from equipment relating to access control systems, network deployments and soon fire alarm installations using our FireSwitch108!

Our competition is not OAAP Certified with Lenel OnGuard and while they have another form of integration, it is preferred by Lenel and their VAR's to leverage OAAP Certified integration due to the benefits it brings. In fact, the integration with OnGuard is via our Dashboard software. This means that the user has all of the functionality of our Linq Technology at their disposal and gives them a direct conduit to all Altronix equipment with Linq deployed in their system, through the alarm monitoring capabilities of OnGuard.