BCDVideo launches 5 new offerings at ISC West

There were five innovations from BCDVideo that people couldn’t stop talking about at ISC West. Following is a high-level overview of each new solution.

 Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

This product can be intimidating with terms like “high availability,” “cluster,” “nodes,” and even hyperconverged. Here are a handful of scenarios in which this product is best utilized:

 ·         The customer cannot afford to have downtime

·         Large storage opportunities that need to be easily managed 

·         Consolidating or centralizing not just video, but all software programs

 HCI works by pooling all the resources within a cluster and making them available to create virtual servers. A “cluster” is the group of servers working together as one and the “node” is the physical server. With BCDVideo’s offering, each node has 100TBs of usable storage and up to eight nodes can fit in a cluster. When the time comes to size a solution, BCDVideo needs to know total usable storage, total throughput, and the VMS. For now, that is enough to keep things moving. 

 BCDVideo Accelerator (BVA)

This accelerator card eliminates the need for live drives in Milestone appliances. The BVA resides on the PCIe bus which opens up all of those 3.5” bays for more storage.  Not only does this card outperform the live drives that Milestone recommends, but it is going to save the integrator and end-user money by not having to purchase as many servers.

 Health Monitoring [Beta]

Monitor network switches and cameras’ critical data, including per-port bandwidth, uptime, as well as traffic flow from a single pane of glass. From servers you can pull full diagnostics, use a remote desktop, and even initiate the command prompt. What makes this powerful is being able to monitor anything on the network with an IP address. 

  All-in-One Recording Servers [Beta]

BCDVideo Chief Technology Officer Tom Larson engineered a new PoE board displayed at the show, which is currently being tested in tower and SFF servers to provide an all-in-one solution. Each card is a four-port card providing 75W of power per card. 

 App-Enabled Network Configuration [Beta]

BCDVideo and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprises are jointly developing an affordable network switch that can be programed and locked down from an app on your smartphone. This product is currently in beta testing and is expected to be released later this year.