ITW ITW Linx Offers Surge Protection Strategy for Networks and Connected Equipment

At the end of every year comes the great family holidays where all things are expected to be perfect at home and at work. Achieving that perfection often requires planning. A surge protection strategy to make sure that the AC Power and Communications Infrastructures can reliably support the networks and connected equipment, which provide security systems monitoring, online purchasing capability and transportation of products.

Strategic surge protection planning starts when networks and systems are being designed. This is the ONLY way to guarantee that networks and connected equipment will play their role in making sure that everything is running smoothly. Utilizing the ITW Linx Applications Guide will help you provide solution value to your customers and be part of their trusted list of suppliers.

ITW Linx is involved in multiple industries identifying electrical threats that can destroy or reduce the performance of networks and equipment connected to it, and constantly developing targeted solutions like the CT6-POE-RJ45 for security applications or the Linx GUARD TSP-L device for protection of outdoor electronic equipment which has no product equal.

Don’t be remembered as the Surge Grinch of the Holidays. Be the Santa Claus and deliver the gift of network infrastructures surge protection, saving your customers money and the aggravation of downtime. Visit us at www.itwlinx.comfor our complete line of surge protection devices.