Sony Security Low Light Demonstration - T Mobile Park - 2/28

After Dark at T-Mobile Park, a live demonstration event of Sony’s unique SNC-VB770 Ultra Low Light 4K featuring a full 35mm sensor and the best low-light color imaging in the industry.  This technology changes the game for dark area applications including utilities, parks, airports, seaports, corrections, municipalities, campus environments, high end residential and more!  This event is specifically targeted for key influencers in the region. 


When: Evening of Thursday February 28th 

 Seeing is believing! Please let us know if you would like to experience this unique dusk to dark demonstration. Please RVSP to Vinita Kendrick at TaylorLong.  Let us know if you can attend this interesting and informative event.  Please see the following videos: 1) Sony SNC VB770 from iFacility HD and 2) Sony Ultra Low Light Ultra HD CCTV Camera